Ranjit Gill – Victoria Tractor Owner/Operator

Ranjit was born in India and moved to Canada in 2000. Since joining the Victoria team in March 2022, he has emerged as a crucial part of our day-to-day operations. Ranjit is Victoria’s main day cab driver who has excelled at all tasks thrown his way. He has superb attention to detail and can maneuver the core of Downtown Victoria with 53’ trailers at ease.

Ranjit’s naturally optimistic demeanor brings with him a daily positive attitude – always willing to do whatever he can to help; he has taken and completed every job dispatched to him from the start thus proving himself invaluable. When Ranjit isn’t working, he enjoys spending time with his wife and two sons. He also enjoys playing soccer and immersing himself within his community. His interaction with co-workers is his favorite thing about working at Diamond Delivery.

Ranjit is an essential part of operation in Victoria, his competency and professionalism has made him a customer favorite. The help he provides the warehouse staff and other drivers does not go unnoticed. We are thankful to have a driver like Ranjit out in the community representing Diamond Delivery Victoria.

Thank you, Ranjit!

Meet Rao Barinder-Tractor Owner/Operator with our Surrey Team

Rao was born in India and moved to Canada in 2002 where he enrolled in BCIT to become an electrician. The economic downturn in the late 2000’s had him searching for other work opportunities which is how he found his way into trucking and has been with Diamond Delivery since 2016.

He has two children, a 4-year-old girl and 9-year-old boy and says he spends much of his free time watching Paw Patrol. His favorite character is Chase “The Chief” as he likes to call him. Rao used to play for the Guildford soccer club but retired a few years ago and now enjoys watching his son play and assists in coaching the team. His favorite food is salmon and rice and if he were granted a wish to wake up one day as a different person, he would choose to be a famous Punjabi singer named Dilgit Dosanjh.

Rao has demonstrated on many occasions to being an integral part of our team. He is an enthusiastic, safety orientated and reliable driver. We are blessed to have him.

We appreciate you!

Meet John Tait

John is the type of guy we can always rely on, always on on-time, ready to work, and puts his best face forward for our customers. He regularly receives customer praise for going above the call of duty as he consistently shows up with a cheerful outlook each day. John has been with Diamond Delivery for close to 3 years, working out of the Nanaimo terminal. His paperwork is always in order, he knows the particulars of our customers and how to best service them efficiently, and he never shirks away from a difficult delivery or helping a neighboring terminal.

When interviewed about his tenure with Diamond Delivery, John had this to say:

“What I like most about working with Diamond is when I come in, I can put my head down and get to work; things are straightforward, my route is pre-planned and ready, and the warehouse is laid out so I can quickly play Tetris in my head for how I’m going to load my truck. I like that the warehouse is kept tidy – it is easy to move around, and a much safer environment from other freight companies I have worked for in the past.”

Asked what we could do to improve our operations. John said more consistent entry of consignee contact numbers input into our system. He says often, drivers are left to call the office for contact information that is not available. We will take John’s advice and implement the necessary steps to improve efficiency in this area, thank you John!

When not working at Diamond Delivery, John spends his time writing and as a stand-up comic. He gets energized talking about his jokes and which ones work for certain audiences. A couple of nights a week, he also works as a designated driver picking up folks from the clubs to drive them home safely.

John is a valued member of our Nanaimo team, and his work is greatly appreciated.

Avtar Singh Chhina

Meet Avtar, an outstanding & dedicated driver operating with Diamond Delivery for 27 years.
Avtar had open heart surgery 3 years ago. At the time, his doctor said with this surgery being physically active for long periods of time may no longer be possible. Fast forward to the summer of 2023, Avtar competed in various competitions- 100 M hurdle, 300 M Hurdle, long jump, high jump, and triple jump.
Avtar succeeded all expectations and has won 2 gold medals, 2 silver medals and 1 bronze medal !!
Hard work, determination and overcoming health challenges is exactly what Avtar had strived for and achieved.

Congratulations Avtar !!!!!!