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How to Stay Alert, Healthy and Safe on the Road


Long hours on the road and limited access to healthy foods and exercise can take a toll on truckers’ health – and their waistlines. Fortunately, there are lifestyle changes that truckers can follow to achieve better health. Here are five tips for staying healthy on the road.


1. Don’t Skip Breakfast

No matter what your job, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Those who eat breakfast regularly tend to eat healthier diets overall, consuming whole grains, vegetables and fruits. Breakfast also raises your blood sugar, giving you energy throughout the day.

Healthy breakfast ideas for truck drivers include fresh fruit, protein bars, oatmeal or a combination of these foods. Many long-haul drivers recommend eating a large breakfast and then a smaller lunch and dinner in order to manage weight.

2. Hydrate
Drinking enough water is essential to truckers’ health. Without proper hydration, truckers may not be as alert while on the road. Health experts recommend that all drivers consumer 64 ounces of water each day to ensure their bodies are properly hydrated.

3. Get Enough Sleep
Sleep is the key to health and safety for truck drivers, who must remain focused while on the road. Lack of attention while on the road can result in deadly accidents and extensive property damage. Canadian long-haul drivers must take 10 hours off-duty within a day, which includes an eight-hour sleep break. Find a quiet, dark place where you can sleep comfortably.

4. Exercise
Truck drivers should exercise at least three times each week to avoid weight gain. Getting a good workout is possible even without a gym – drivers can take a short, 15minute walk or jog while on breaks. There also are exercises drivers can do that don’t require equipment, including squats, push-ups, crunches, and planks.
5. Take Care of Your Skin

If you’ve worked as a driver, you know that windows provide little protection from the sun’s rays. That’s why it’s important to apply SPF 30 when driving, which will lower your risk of skin cancer. Remember to reapply the sunscreen when stopped. If you’re prone to sunburn, you may want to wear long sleeves while driving.
Making timely deliveries is important, but truckers’ health should be the top priority. We recommend truckers, including ours at Diamond Delivery, follow these tips to increase their health and quality of life.

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