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At Diamond Delivery, we’re committed to providing high-quality delivery services – but we’re also dedicated to helping those in need. We teamed up with KBNF, Kamloops Firefighters and Compassionate Resource Warehouse to deliver essential medical care to the citizens of Liberia.


Liberia ’ s healthcare infrastructure is in critical condition due to civil war and the recent Ebola outbreak. With limited medical staff and few healthcare facilities across the nation, a reliable ambulance system is key when it comes to delivering urgent care. Pregnant women, infants, and trauma cases will have better outcomes when medical care is accessible.


Seeing an immediate need for medical care, Diamond Delivery founder Rick Diamond began leading the introduction of ambulance service for Liberia. Diamond Delivery donated the ambulance and all travel expenses as it made its way to BC from Montreal. We also partnered with Kamloops firefighter and humanitarian David Sakaki, who collected more than $150,000 worth of medical supplies to load into the ambulance. This initiative is a replication of a similar program offered by Operation Nicaragua in 2017.


The bright yellow ambulance was named “Patrick,” which honors a young engineer who received treatment from KBNF. Patrick had been transported to a Liberian hospital on a motorcycle after colliding with a tree that had fallen on his car. Patrick sustained several injuries enroute and was treated by KBNF staff members for weeks before he died. Medical experts believe that he may have survived had an ambulance been available – and Liberia wouldn’t have lost a skilled engineer. With this new ambulance, many others may have their lives saved by trained emergency staff.


Patrick the Ambulance has reached its new home in Liberia along with a large container of emergency equipment and medical supplies. The Liberia Ministry of Health is expected to begin emergency response training in late spring, in partnership with KBNF. Patrick is the first Liberian ambulance in the country’s history.

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