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The Ultimate Truck Driver Playlist

Music can be a saviour for truck drivers working long hours behind the wheel. Here are five albums that we think are particularly enjoyable to listen to while on the road.


1. 2112 by Rush

Many albums from Rush qualify as spectacular, but 2112 remains a perennial favourite. Driving presents a perfect opportunity to experience the emotional majesty of the 20-minute opening track. The guitar work of Alex Lifeson, although always exceptional, reaches a special level of glorious on the title track. 


2. American Beauty by The Grateful Dead

A folksy quality defines this studio album full of well-written songs. People working courier driver jobs will relate easily to the track "Truckin'" that recognizes the culture of the road. Other tracks like "Friend of the Devil" and "Brokedown Palace" will easily invite you to sing along in the privacy of the truck cab. 


3. At Folsom Prison by Johnny Cash

The unforgettable voice of Johnny Cash brought a few moments of joy to his audience at Folsom State Prison in California when he recorded this album. Drivers for trucking companies in Surrey can rejoice in their freedom as they listen to Cash lament life's difficulties in a collection of classic country songs. 


4. Appetite for Destruction by Guns N' Roses

The relentless vocals of Axel Rose alongside Slash, who plays guitar like a freight train in a sawmill, made this album an instant legend. A fierce collection of hard-rocking songs about bad decisions, first loves, and despised exes, the album culminates with the epic track "Rocket Queen." People who work owner-operator jobs can turn it up whenever they need some extra energy to get through the day. 


5. Electric Ladyland by the Jimi Hendrix Experience 

A long drive provides plenty of time to experience this beautiful double album. Bluesy tracks blend with psychedelic songs that marry Hendrix's raw talent with the best audio production technology of his time. Drivers for Vancouver freight carriers can discover these songs from an artist who was simultaneously down to earth and out of this world. 


Amazing music albums like these allow drivers for Vancouver delivery services to work alongside the greatest musical artists of all time. 

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