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Wake Up Behind the Wheel

Drowsy driving can represent a serious threat to traffic safety, so those who drive for trucking companies in BC have to be vigilant when it comes to getting sleepy behind the wheel. 


Signs of sleepiness can creep up on you and pose a hazard unless you take steps to keep yourself alert. According to the Sleep Foundation, these are red flags indicating that you're getting too tired:


  • Missing exits or other traffic signs
  • Nodding head
  • Blinking frequently
  • Continual yawning
  • Irritability
  • Drifting from your lane


Truckers at Vancouver freight carriers have developed many tricks for refreshing themselves and maintaining their focus on the road. Here are a few:


1. Take a Nap

Twenty to 30 minutes of shut-eye can reset your system. Be sure to stop in a safe and appropriate location for nap time. 


2. Reduce Cabin Temperature

Warmth relaxes the body and could worsen your drowsiness. Even if the weather outside is chilly, turn down the heater so that you can increase your alertness. 


3. Caffeine and Energy Drinks

Stimulating beverages are essential for most people who work for trucking companies in Vancouver. But you don't want to overdo drinking caffeine because it's a temporary fix for sleepiness. After the caffeine effects wear off, you might ”crash” and feel even more tired than you did before you drank it. 


4. Stretching and Walking


Drivers for trucking companies in Surrey have to sit for long periods, but a short walk can counteract the effects of drowsiness. Find a place to take a 10-minute break. Start with some stretches and then take a short walk. 


5. Play Loud Music

Choose some upbeat music and turn up the volume. The noise and stimulation can prevent you from nodding off until you reach a place where you can take a break. 



6. Choose Healthy Foods

While working for a Vancouver delivery service, you might be tempted to reach for junk food. Sugary snacks, however, often bring short-term highs followed by energy dips. Look for healthy food with protein and whole grains to provide a steady supply of natural energy. Some people with courier driver jobs recommend citrus snacks like oranges. 



7. Open a Window

The fresh air flow and noise could snap you out of feeling drowsy. This is a good trick to use when you've almost arrived to your destination. 


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