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Opportunities in the trucking industry

According to a recent report, the transportation industry is facing a crisis: a severe driver shortage. Most American industry experts were estimating a shortage of 80,000 drivers by 2020, but that number has been updated to 200,000. In Canada, the shortage is expected to reach 48,000 by 2024.


The lack of skilled drivers could have a long-lasting impact on the Canadian economy. Both businesses and consumers of all sizes rely on truck drivers to deliver goods and services. Delivery drivers play an important role in bringing food to families as well as the leisure goods consumers enjoy. Plus, retail centres and other businesses must receive regular shipments to keep their operations running.


While truck drivers make up approximately 1.5 percent of Canada’s labour force, participation among young workers has dropped off during the past decade. In fact, the average age of a truck driver has increased to 44 as of 2006. Recruiting younger drivers has become necessary for the industry – and Canada’s economy.


Building a New Generation of Delivery Drivers


As many older delivery drivers start to retire, industry experts are highlighting the importance of encouraging younger workers to join the trucking industry. While life on the road may not be for everyone, truck driving offers some unique benefits that may appeal to younger people. Some of the advantages of truck driving include:


  • The ability to see the country and travel to new areas:  many truck drivers report visiting interesting cities and stops while hauling deliveries.
  • A peaceful working environment:  don’t like the distractions of a busy office? Truck driving may be for you.
  • Competitive pay:  truck driving typically offers higher starting pay than factory or retail jobs, and pay often increases as the driver gains more experience and skills.


In addition to these perks, truck drivers often enjoy excellent job security. There will almost always be a need for truck drivers, and job opportunities are plentiful. Many young Canadians are struggling to find full-time work, and several commercial licenses can be obtained at age 18 or 19.


With a bit of drive and determination, a trucking job can turn into a long-term career. Those interested in trucking have many opportunities to choose from, including driving, operations, cargo, and maintenance. Plus, not every truck driving job is long-haul – many drivers are needed for short hauls and smaller deliveries.


At Diamond Delivery, our owner-operators often drive shorter routes and enjoy a flexible work schedule. If you’re considering a career in truck driving, check out our career page today to learn about our available opportunities:

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