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Average Salaries in Canada For Truck Drivers

Average Salaries in Canada For Truck Drivers


Becoming a truck driver has many benefits, but it's natural to want to get an idea of how much your annual earnings will be before committing to the career.


As with most jobs, there are several factors that will determine how much you will make starting out and what the upper end of your potential earnings will be.


General Information


Truck driving is a profession that is vital to Canada's economy, which means that there is always a place for trained drivers. In fact, logistics companies consistently say that they cannot fill driver positions as fast as spaces are opening.


Because of this shortage, those who want to become truck drivers have a bit of an advantage in the job market. It's common for the trucking industry to hire both experienced and inexperienced drivers and pay for the necessary training in order to fill job positions.


Earning Potential For Truckers


The shortage of truck drivers has driven logistics companies to make their wages more competitive and their benefits more appealing. Over the past few years, truck driver wages have increased nearly 12 per cent, and many businesses offer bonuses, training and additional benefits to attract and keep new drivers.


The starting salary for truck drivers, who are generally referred to as "transport operators" in the industry, depends on a few main factors: location, travel distance and vehicle size.


Drivers that only make local deliveries can usually expect to average about $40,000. This can be great for people with families because these drivers typically get to come home every night.


Long-haul drivers who operate big rigs can expect a minimum base salary of $55,000, but because of the growing need for these operators, it's possible for some truck drivers to net at least $100,000 annually. These numbers also do not reflect things like signing bonuses, benefits packages and bonuses paid for picking up additional work.


It's also important to note that truck drivers are usually paid per kilometer driven rather than with a set hourly rate, which means that the pay schedule is a bit different than in most other fields. There are also specialized jobs such as driving for oil fields, and these operators are paid differently as well.


Truck Driving Can Be a Lucrative Career


While driving a big rig may not be the most glamorous of jobs, it is one that offers plenty of freedom and opportunities. Due to the rapidly growing need for more drivers, the earning potential for this career is also considerable, especially when you factor in the low cost of driving school and hiring incentives.


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