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The Correct Posture to Use While Driving Long Distances

The Correct Posture to Use While Driving Long Distances


When you're driving long distances, you're likely thinking more about comfort than about proper posture. However, because you spend so much time sitting in one place, good posture is actually the best way to stay comfortable and ache-free.


Proper driving posture is more than just sitting up straight and keeping your hands on the wheel correctly. Good driving posture also provides support in the right places and keeps your body aligned so that you're less likely to feel chronic aches and pains. Here are a few tips to keep in mind on your next long-haul drive.


  1. Adjust your seat.


First, you need to make sure your seat is angled slightly back to reduce pressure on your lower back. If that's not feasible, purchasing a lumbar support pillow can help to provide the correct support.


You should also set your headrest so that it sits in line with the top of your ears. This provides both support and protection from whiplash injuries.


  1. Lift your hips.


If you can, adjust the bottom of the seat so that your hips are angled slightly above your knees. If your seat isn't adjustable, you can buy specially designed wedge pillows to properly angle your legs. This helps to improve circulation and keep your hips from becoming too tight.


  1. Align your feet.


Your left foot should always be positioned on the foot rest if you're not operating the clutch, and your right foot should be positioned with your heel midway between the brake and gas pedals. This allows you to move easily between the two without putting strain on your knee and ankle.


  1. Correct your mirror placement.


Once your seat is aligned properly, you need to adjust your mirrors accordingly. Your rear and side mirrors should be positioned so that you have optimal visibility.


This will also help you to determine whether or not your posture has slipped. If you can no longer see properly out of a mirror that you've already adjusted, this is a sign that your posture has probably moved and needs to be corrected.


Good Posture Means Better Driving


When your posture is correctly aligned, you can drive for longer stretches without discomfort. You will also be less susceptible to injuries and chronic pain in the future. Correcting your posture is a small fix that can have a big impact on your driving career.



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