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Avoiding Long-Haul Truck Accidents

The United States Department of Transportation estimates that nearly 500,000 accidents involving big rigs happen every year, and the statistics are similar for Canada. This means that Vancouver freight carriers must be mindful when they're on the road so that they can minimize the chances of an accident happening to them.


Below are a few of the most common causes of trucking accidents. When you know the danger, you can take steps to avoid it.


Driving When Fatigued


Trucking companies in BC have cracked down on this because it is one of the leading causes of accidents in long-haul truck drivers. When you're sleepy or overtired, your reaction times are worse than if you were under the influence of alcohol.


Since Vancouver delivery service drivers can't do their jobs safely when they're tired, most trucking companies impose strict regulations on how long and how often drivers should take rest breaks.


Don't cut a break short even if you're running behind. These breaks are vitally important for keeping you and everyone on the road with you safe.


Poor Truck Maintenance


A poorly maintained truck is a very dangerous thing. While there are laws in place to make sure owner operators and courier drivers take proper care of their trucks, these laws are often circumvented because of how costly maintenance can be.


However, this cost should be weighed against the expense of a malfunction causing a serious, multi-vehicle accident while on a job. Not only will the repair, insurance and legal costs be staggering, but it will hurt the reputation of any trucking company in Surrey.


Follow a routine maintenance checklist, and refuse to take a truck out if it hasn't been maintenanced.


Insufficient Driver Training


This is another instance where there are laws in place that are meant to protect both the truck driver and anyone else on the road around him or her. Commercial truck drivers are required to complete a certain number of training hours before they can operate a vehicle on public roads. In some cases, trucking companies are desperate to get new drivers on the road, so they skimp on training in favor of "learning by doing."


This is very dangerous, and drivers should never agree to work for a company that is unconcerned about the amount of proper training its drivers has. If you're new to the world of commercial truck driving, take the initiative to get as much training and experience as possible before heading out onto the open road.


Safety is a Priority


Don't become a statistic. Follow simple safety best practices so that you can have a long and rewarding career.


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