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5 Road Trip and Driving-Related Movies We Love

After a long shift on the road working for Vancouver Freight Carriers or Trucking Companies in Surrey, there’s no better way to destress than to sit back and watch one of these road trip and driving-related movies.


Smokey and the Bandit

Burt Reynolds stars as Bandit, one of a pair of southern truckers who is offered $80,000 to transport 400 cases of bootleg beer from Texarkana to Atlanta in 28 hours. Fortunately, they aren’t working for a Vancouver delivery service because along the way, they pick up Carrie (Sally Field) who is running away from her groom, Junior (Mike Henry), at the altar. Junior just happens to be the son of Sheriff Buford T. Justice (Jackie Gleason) aka Smokey who want to get Carrie back for his son. Throughout the movie, Bandit and Carrie are helped by colourful characters on CB radio, a popular way of communicating at the time by truckers and hobbyists. This film is mostly a big chase scene that includes a semi, a black Pontiac Trans am, police cruisers, and a police helicopter.



On his way to visit a client in California, business exec Dennis Weaver passes an aging and slow tanker truck. The driver of the behemoth takes offense and begins chasing the exec with murderous intent on the lonely highway. The film is notable for being Spielberg’s first directorial effort and already reveals his skill with drama and suspense.


The Road Warrior

The second Mad Max movie does not take place with trucking companies in Surrey. Instead, in a post-apocalyptic desert wilderness, Max Rockatansky, played by Mel Gibson, searches for food and petrol. He is merely drifting after the traumatic death of his wife, son and partner. Accompanied only by his dog, Max stumbles into a gasoline refinery that is now home to survivors who are battling a gang of motorcyclists. They hire him to help them fight for freedom and transport their gasoline across the highway. Plenty of chase scenes and stunts excite the screen as the gang of marauders tries to grab big rigs and other vehicles.


Mad Max: Fury Road

This post-apocalyptic outing, directed by George Miller, follows the struggles of Tom Hardy as he goes on the run in the desert, helped by a character played by Charlize Theron. They get to ride and are chased by all kinds of vehicles modified to survive the dangerous environment. Plenty of stunts, fights, and violence will liven up your viewing experience.


Dumb and Dumber

Two friends, (who both were not blessed in the IQ department) played by Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels, return a suitcase full of money by going on a cross-country trip from Providence, Rhode Island to Aspen Colorado. They suffer all kinds of mishaps, all to comedic effect, especially when they realize that the money stash was not left behind accidentally but to serve as ransom money.

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