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Portable Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner Ideas For Truck Drivers



Investing in an electric kettle, hot pot and mini fridge is the best way to give yourself options when it comes to cooking healthy meals.


You can easily make hot, whole-grain oats with an electric kettle, or you can make overnight oats in a variety of ways and store them in your fridge for a quick and filling meal. The best way to do this is to use steel-cut oats, reusable containers and toppings such as dried fruits, nuts, preserves and nut butters.


If you need an extra boost, you can also use coffee to soak your oats instead of milk or water, and you can add cinnamon powder or a touch of coffee creamer for a little something extra.




While you can always keep the ingredients for sandwiches on hand, it can be tiresome to eat peanut butter and jelly or cold cuts all the time.


Instead, make quick lunch bowls that are tasty and healthy. If you want simple fare, fill a reusable container with cubes of cheese, a handful of nuts and lean protein like chicken or tuna. You can also add veggies, eggs, olives or even hot peppers to spice things up a little.


Another easy option that can be prepared in bulk is to make cold rice or couscous bowls with slices of avocado, chicken, fish, beans, veggies and dressing. These can be stored in your mini fridge for on-the-go meals.




If you have a hot pot or slow cooker, your options for delicious meals are nearly limitless. Slow cooker meals can be prepped in the morning so that you'll have a fuss-free meal that's ready to eat by the evening. Popular recipes include pot roast, pulled pork, chicken and dumplings or broccoli cheddar soup.


For truckers without access to refrigeration, chili, tacos and stir-fry are all healthy, hearty meal ideas that can be made directly from box mixes and canned foods.


Healthy Doesn't Mean Boring


It can be difficult to make healthy choices when you're constantly on the road, but these portable meal ideas are quick, easy and delicious alternatives that will help you look and feel your best.

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