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The Different Types of Trucking Companies

Private Fleets


Companies that manufacture their own products may also control their supply and distribution. They will have their own fleet of trucks and trailers. Examples of companies with such fleets include PepsiCo, Wal-Mart, FedEx, and Frito Lay. Such companies typically hire employees to drive their vehicles and will pay higher salaries but only hire more experienced professionals.



For-Hire Truckload Carriers


In contrast, truckload carriers do not manufacture their own goods nor control their supply chains. Instead, they hire out their fleet to move the freight of other companies, and so their business depends upon the demands of other companies. They will typically have many customers for whom you will be driving. For-hire truckload carriers are excellent for gaining experience because they hire plenty of new drivers both in the Lower Mainland and further afield such as Kamloops and Nanaimo.


Less-Than-Truckload Carriers


Rather than focusing on the shipments of one company, a truck from a less-than-truckload (LTL) carrier carries freight from multiple producers to many different customers. They may have their drivers pick up goods at one distribution center and deliver them to individual customer homes. They employ two types of drivers. The line-haul driver moves goods from one distribution center to another and benefits from consistent miles and a regular schedule. The city driver has a more challenging schedule as they must fight traffic to meet with many customers in one day.




Inter-modal drivers haul rail containers from rail yards to other rail yards or distribution centers. The job is good for those who want to drive trucks locally and stay close to home. Because the Port of Vancouver is a major terminal for global shipments, jobs for inter-modal drivers are plentiful and easy to locate.



Household Movers

If you work for a household mover, you not only have to drive a customer’s belongings from one location to another but you must also move boxes and furniture into the truck at the pickup point and then take them out and set them up at the destination. The job is ideal for those who want to mix physical labour with driving.


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