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Is a Truck Driving Career Right for You?


Arguably the most attractive aspect of working as a driver for trucking companies in BC is the freedom of the open road. You drive independently with no boss looking over your shoulder or co-workers to interrupt your daily peace except for the occasional communication with your dispatcher. Trucking companies specialize in a variety of routes. You can be based locally and be home each evening by working for a Vancouver Delivery Service, or drive cross country to Montreal with forays into the USA, if you want. You can literally live wherever you like in the city or country since you’ll be driving to and from different destinations.



You’ll be under pressure to meet exacting delivery schedules under all weather conditions and may need to work through weekends and holidays. You must have the time management and organizational skills to plan your day because you’ll be on your own for much of the time.

Depending on the routes your employer offers, you could be away from home for days or weeks at a time, which may mean missing everything from your anniversary to your children’s milestones.



To drive a tractor-trailer in British Columbia, you have to be at least 19 years of age and possess a Class 1 license. Even if you’re interested in driving a straight truck, you must be 18 and have a Class 3 license. In either case, you must have formal training to develop the skill needed for passing the written test and air-brake knowledge test as well as a road vision test. After you fulfill the necessary requirements, you have to locate trucking companies in Vancouver that will hire somebody straight out of school without any experience.



In a growing economy, factories that produce goods must ship them to retailers and customers all over the country. In many cases, those products reach their destinations primarily by truck. For many online retailers, quick delivery is essential, sometimes during the same or next day. Professional truckers then become a necessary part of meeting customer needs.

Trucking companies in Surrey and the rest of Canada are always looking for competent drivers. With many drivers nearing retirement age, demand for competent professionals is expected to remain high.


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Working for Vancouver freight carriers as a truck driver promises freedom from a nine-to-five schedule, life on the open road, and high demand for your skills. But if you want to get a job with a Vancouver Delivery service, you need to obtain a commercial driver’s license, which demands a minimum age of 19 for a Class 1, 2, or 4 licence, and 18 for a Class 3 or heavy trailer endorsement. Here are the steps required to get a job as a truck driver in Canada.


Handling a commercial truck isn't always easy. The job is demanding, and it can be lonely. Unfortunately, truckers are vulnerable to a lot of mental health issues due to the nature of the job.