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5 Fall Outfit Essentials for Truckers

Commercial truck drivers have demanding jobs, and we need clothing and accessories that stand up to hard work but are comfortable while sitting all day behind the wheel. In the fall, we also have to be ready for changing weather conditions. A morning that starts out frosty could end up hot and sunny. Dressing in layers with a T-shirt covered by a button-down shirt or hoodie will give you the ability to adjust clothing and stay comfortable in erratic weather.


Pants and shirts with lots of pockets are a must for both men and women because truckers have phones and paperwork to keep handy. Most truckers opt for denim jeans or tough canvas work pants to protect their legs. Shirts made from moisture-wicking fabric that keep you dry and reduce sweat stains are popular.


Aside from your basic pants and shirts, you'll benefit from adding the following items to your fall work wardrobe.


  1. Work boots that protect your toes are a good idea all year round. Look for a pair that resists water because you might have to walk around cold mud puddles in the fall.


  1. Hats and sunglasses to keep the sun out of your eyes are especially necessary in the fall when the sun is lower in the sky. Baseball hats are a good style because they shield the eyes without limiting peripheral vision. The full coverage provided by wraparound sunglasses prevents UV rays from sneaking in and hurting your eyes.


  1. Reflective safety vests will increase your visibility during roadside breakdowns or while walking around busy logistics centres. You'll want a reflective vest because shorter fall days mean that you could be working in the dark more often.


  1. Raincoats might seem like an extra item to pack, but you won't regret having one in a heavy downpour. A raincoat can have reflective stripes as well.


  1. Leather work gloves with reinforced grips will serve you well when securing your load. You'll like having a pair to keep your hands warm on an unexpectedly frigid fall day. Ideally, you'll stock yourself with two pairs because gloves love to disappear.


With these essential items, truck drivers will adapt to the fall season. As long as men and women select clothing that makes a clean and professional presentation, they have the freedom to pursue their personal styles.

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