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The Five Most Spectacular Roads for Canadian Truck Drivers

The Five Most Spectacular Roads for Canadian Truck Drivers


Truck drivers in Canada often find themselves crisscrossing one of the world's largest countries. Though the drives can be long, many of them are incredibly scenic and offer an excellent view of Canada's natural beauty. Here are five of the most spectacular roads for truck drivers in Canada.


Viking Trail


Spanning a large stretch of coastal Newfoundland, the Viking Trail is a road that every Canadian should see at some point. The Viking Trail hugs the coast tightly, offering beautiful views out over the water. This trail is about 400 kilometres long, and as such offers an all-day driving experience.


Pacific Rim Highway


The Pacific Rim Highway is a stretch of road in British Columbia that offers fantastic vistas of natural Canadian forest. This highway can be a bit tricky for larger trucks on account of its winding layout. If you do find yourself on the Pacific Rim Highway, though, you can take the opportunity to visit Kennedy Lake Provincial Park.


Sea-to-Sky Highway


Highway 99, better known as the Sea-to-Sky Highway, offers scenery that ranges from coastal forests to mountain glaciers. Highway 99 runs through part of western British Columbia and includes many suspension bridges and high-elevation sections. One of the best things along this route is Howe Sound, a beautiful fjord with expansive views from the highway.


The Cabot Trail


Nova Scotia's Cabot Trail runs through several small fishing villages, affording drivers the opportunity to see a part of rural Canada they never could by sticking to large cities. Many parts of the Cabot Trail hug cliffs closely, but the road is maintained well and is kept passable for trucks. If you're driving the Cabot Trail, you should make a stop at the Glenora whisky distillery, which produces a Scotch-like single malt whisky – to enjoy once you get home, of course!


Coquihalla Highway


Another unique route in British Columbia is the Coquihalla Highway, which is both singularly beautiful and singularly dangerous. The Coquihalla Highway runs through a major mountain pass, making it a perfect place to see breathtaking vistas. However, the steep climb into the mountains makes driving the Coquihalla Highway hazardous in winter. This road is best travelled in summer or autumn, when you can safely enjoy its sheer beauty.

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