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About Diamond Delivery

With more than 180 vehicles, an advanced online tracking system, and 40 years of delivering items safely, Diamond Delivery is one of the leading trucking companies in BC. Throughout the years, we’ve expanded our services to include more than 150 locations in Alberta and BC. Our business has terminals in the Lower Mainland, the Okanagan, and on Vancouver Island, making us a convenient option for local and LTL needs.


At Diamond Delivery, our goal is to deliver your packages on time and ultimately make your day easier. We do this through an advanced network of vehicles and storage solutions. Our fleet currently includes tractor trailers, HIABS, vans, and flat decks, allowing us to transport a variety of cargo. We also provide courier service through our partnership with First Canadian Messenger.


Transportation services offered include:

  • LTL shipping
  • Truckload
  • Flat deck service
  • Refrigerated service
  • Crane service
  • Hot shot service 24/7
  • Cross-border
  • Distribution


Types of Delivery Drivers


If you’ve considered a job in the delivery driver industry, there are multiple options to choose from. We employ several types of delivery drivers, including:


  • Pickup and Delivery Drivers: These individuals travel from business to business, picking up items for customers and taking them back to the main office, where they’ll be sorted for delivery. These drivers also do a bit of sales, discovering ways they can better serve their clients.
  • Delivery Drivers: Heavy lifting is part of the job for delivery drivers, who also may need to do some assembly. Delivery drivers spend most of their time working with the public, so effective communication skills are essential. Other duties of delivery drivers include picking up freight from a distribution center and bringing it to businesses in the area for resale.
  • Grocery Drivers: While you may think of grocery driving as a long-haul job, many local grocery delivery jobs are available. Trucking companies in BC hire local drivers to deliver fresh items that may perish quickly. In addition to delivering the item, the grocery driver may be tasked with arranging the item on shelves and determining how the item is selling.

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