Phone: 250-314-1855
Unit C-641 West Athabasca Street
Kamloops, BC
V2H 1C5

Diamond’s Kamloops Terminal is home to 2,000 hours of sunshine each year. Activities in this terminal commence around 5:30 am. We provide our customers with the best service in the region by hosting four 5 ton trucks and 1 tractor/ trailer in our terminal to meet all your shipment needs.

Each day is full of action from the movement of freight to various doors, to our dispatch/ sales department  working tirelessly to send out bills to drivers daily. To speak to one of our represenatives, please dial 250-314-1855 (1-877-614-1855 toll free).

Our company culture demands the principles of action, community and integrity from each and every Diamond Delivery employee. We care about our customer’s shipments as if they were our own! This is why our customers trust that when a shipment is being shipped by Diamond Delivery, the job will be done well.

Fax: 250-372-1503  


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